STIEF Services

How STIEF supports education on STIs in New Zealand

STIEF provides:

Three maintained websites
National helpline 
  • tollfree national herpes and HPV helpline operated by a nurse counsellor
  • phone: 0508 11 12 13 from a landline; or
  • phone: 09 433 6526 from a mobile​
Patient information pamphlets
  • free herpes and HPV information pamphlets available online (PDF) or to order in hard copy format (NZ only) from [email protected]
  • Herpes pamphlets available:
    • Herpes Myth vs Facts
    • The Facts: A guide for people with Herpes Simplex
  • HPV pamphlets available:
    • Preventing HPV Cancers by Vaccination: What everyone should know
    • Some Questions and Answers about HPV and Genital Warts
    • Cervical Smears and Human Papillomavirus Infection (HPV)
    • HPV and Men
    • HPV and Throat Cancer: Common questions and answers
Educational videos
  • short, light-hearted videos about sexual health topics - available on Just The Facts
  • clinical presentations on HPV - available on
National best practice guidelines for health professionals